I continue to teach with Rainbow Songs. As do I continue to love it. I’m always looking for new material, or new ways to improve the class. How to get more participation from the children, from the grown-ups. What new songs can I lead? What new jokes can I tell? How can I deepen the quality of experience? This job is a blast. And fortunately, I’ve been able to take on locations that are closer to where I live. I’m currently teaching 5 mornings a week with Rainbow Songs, and of those 5, 2 of them are within a 10 minute bike ride. And the other 3 are a half minute TTC away. Not too shabby.

On the 6th day of the week, I’m doing admin work for the Rainbow Songs Foundation, and then teaching a speech therapy/music private lesson. And then I’m at a family shelter, running a music class for the moms and children who live there. (This shelter is also a 10 minute bike from my house.)

On the 7th day… there is always something. Lately, we’ve been running fundraisers for RSF. I’ve Greg’s bachelor party soon. And his wedding soon after. And that garage isn’t insulating itself. (The garage is 80% done. One more wall needs to be framed out and insulated.)

We’re still living in the basement of our house. The goal with the detached garage is to insulate it, and get the furnace in it safety checked, so that the garage can become an additional lounge/sewing/music-rehearsal space. Probably one more weekend of work. I’ve just got to find that weekend. I’m thinking late November?

We renewed a 1 year lease with our tenants which runs until August 31, and we’ve been fairly open with them that we’ve got our sights set on taking over their space after that time. Because….

We’re having a baby. Every day it becomes a bit more real. I’m more excited than terrified, although that can fluctuate. Mostly excited. The little person is expected around the Ides of March. Beware, Julius, beware. At which point, our modest and open-concept bachelor basement will become even tinier. Hello sleep deprivation. Hello maternity leave!

The thought of Julie and little Polkaroo attending my classes makes me so happy I want to cry. Not sure if that makes sense. But I’m super damned excited. Every day I am around other people’s babies, but I can never really squish them up and throw them around like they’re my own. I look forward to working a little less, and attending some Rainbow Songs classes (that I am not teaching). Can’t wait.

Echo Echo is wrapping up. Look forward to an EP this November, and an LP in February. I’ll be sure to post more info here when I’ve got something for you to hear. I think these songs are really great, and I look forward to setting them free so that they can find iPods to live on, and ears to excite.

I’m just finishing up Red Dead Redemption. What a stellar game. And such an immersive world. The sound design is fantastic. I highly recommend it. I’m more than halfway through the zombie DLC. Not sure what(if) I’ll play after this. The XBOX had been on hiatus for quite a while, and I only recently brought it out to get back into RDR.

I’m reading GRRM’s A Song of Ice and Fire. I’m about 150 pages into A Feast of Crows. I’m not hooked yet. Too much minor character BS. I really enjoyed books 2 and 3. I churned through them both pretty darn quickly. I hope this one will pick up. And I haven’t decided if I’ll buy the newest right away, try to get it from the library, or wait for the trade paperback (to match all of the other paperbacks in the series that I own.)

I am off-again on-again entertained by an eReader. But the thought that I pay approximately the same amount for an eBook as a real book? And then the batteries die, or the platform becomes obsolete, or I want to lend it to a friend, BULLSHIT. Bleh. The price per unit will have to significantly drop before I’m interested in eBooks. Weight and volume is not enough for me to pay premium and sacrifice the longevity and functionality of PAPER.

I just watched an episode of He-Man. What the balls is up with Adam/He-Man’s voice? Who thought that was a good match to the character art? Seriously.

If you’ve made it this far, huzzahs. It’s likely you’re one of my Google Reader circle of friends. It’s time for you to dust off your blog and let me know what’s new with you.